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Core Business Services

NCO-Corp provides a highly skilled, experienced workforce to handle all of your headend or hubsite projects. We are experts at wiring, having successfully built or rewired headend or hubsite locations for major MSO's, small MSO's, and independent cable operators. Our inside plant technicians have experience in all aspects of headend operations from analog to facilities providing advanced voice, video, and data.  Our ability to provide proven solutions to any wiring project has helped our clients to be more efficient in their HE designs saving space, time, and cost.

NCO Core Skills 
NCO strives to provide the highest quality job at the best possible price in the following ways:    
  1. Deploying High End Technicians and getting work assignments done effectively and on-time.      
  2. Experience  Utilizing our experience working with all major MSO's to offer proven solutions to any project.      
  3. Providing Effective Project Managers with experience working in Headend and Hubsite environments ensuring project timelines are met.      
  4. Using NCO's Distribution Capabilities to offer turn-key solutions and reducing potential job slowdowns due to material and equipment issues.      

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